BoBoiBoy's Team (BoBoiBoy's Gang) is a character group in BoBoiBoy Galaxy.

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  • BoBoiBoy - The unspoken leader of the team. Usually, the one who gives orders and instructions to the others. He has the power of Elemental Forms and the Elemental Split and arguably the strongest one on their team.
  • Fang - Although initially a rival, Fang joins the team by the end of Season 2 of Serie official BoBoiBoy, often acting as BoBoiBoy's battle partner. He has the power of Shadow Manipulation. Before the events of Galaxy, he apparently left BoBoiBoy's Gang to continue his training in space, possibly under his brother, but returns in Episode 6 and rejoins the group once more.
  • Yaya - The 'strongest' of the team, being the only one able to fly, save for BoBoiBoy when he uses a particular form. She has the power of Gravity Manipulation.
  • Ying - The fastest member and sometimes the scout of the team. She has the power of Time Manipulation, able to speed up and slow down time.
  • Gopal - BoBoiBoy's 'best friend'. His power is to turn objects into different objects by manipulating their molecules, but because he's always hungry, he only turns stuff into food.
  • Ochobot - A Power Sphere originally owned by Adu Du and was the one who gave BoBoiBoy, Gopal, Ying, and Yaya super powers. He is a character of Power Spheres group.

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