BoBoiBoy full body BoBoiBoy Galaxy
First appearance BoBoiBoy Galaxy Season 1, Episode 1: BoBoiBoy Returns!
Last appearance Unknown
Voiced by Nur Fathiah Diaz (Malay)
Character information
Aliases Superhero
Powers Elemental Powers (Lightning, Wind, Earth, Fire, Water, Leaf, Light) and Elemental Split Manipulation
Gender Male
Age 14
Hair Brown/Black with white streak
Eye Brown
Species Human
Family Tok Aba (Grandfather)
Occupation Superhero, TAPOPS Cadet
Hobby Unknown

BoBoiBoy is the main character of BoBoiBoy Galaxy. He is a teenager with the unique ability to manipulate elemental powers and have a mission to search and collect Power Spheres hidden across the galaxy.


BoBoiBoy GalaxyEdit

Three years have passed since the events of the movie, BoBoiBoy is now living in peace on Rintis Island, but feels bored and unproductive due to the lack of need for a superhero anymore, since the aliens had now left Earth alone. He, along with Gopal, had suddenly been contacted by Koko Ci. After accepting Cici Ko's request for assistance to collect and protect scattered Power Spheres around the galaxy in an organization called TAPOPS, BoBoiBoy departs on a new space adventure.

Physical AppearanceEdit

BoBoiBoy has grown much taller, standing at a height of 145cm, and matured quite a bit. He wears a black shirt with elbow-length sleeves under a partially zipped orange vest with a prominent collar while donning a pair of blue jeans and a black belt. His new boots are black, white, and gray. Since the upgrade in the movie, he wears his upgraded Power Bans over his short red arm-warmers. His cap maintains its dinosaur-like appearance with the spike along the top, albeit the "mouth" part is less prominent and there are less yellow spots. The zipper of his vest and logo on his cap are stylized to look like a "B".


BoBoiBoy is a young and energetic individual. A natural-born superhero and leader at heart, he works hard to protect the world, and later the whole galaxy. Overall he is shown to be very friendly and kind throughout the series. He is courageous and doesn't hesitate to jump into battle to protect other people and the ones he cares about. BoBoiBoy repeatedly has shown to risk his life more than once just for the sake of others, even risking death. Throughout the series, although he can get stressed from his superhero life, BoBoiBoy has said and shown that he is more than happy to be a superhero and is shown in the series that he's eager to help out others.

When split, each of his forms have different personalities, which are more pronounced when they are evolved. BoBoiBoy Lightning is short-tempered and serious and exceptionally fierce during battles. BoBoiBoy Wind is the more cheerful and playful. BoBoiBoy Earth acts as the leader, being wise and calculating. BoBoiBoy Fire is a jokester and excitable, but also vengeful and violent when in the battle. BoBoiBoy Water is relaxed and calm, but very lazy. BoBoiBoy Leaf is naive, air-headed, and a has a strong childish nature, mostly due to BoBoiBoy hitting his head when he gained the form. Meanwhile, BoBoiBoy Light is very confident, but also aggressive at the same time. Despite their strong personalities, when in battle, they know when it's time to get serious.

Elemental FormsEdit

Main article: Elemental Forms

Base Forms Second Tier Forms
BoBoiBoy Lightning
BoBoiBoy Petir Galaxy
  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Petir
  • Personality: Short-tempered, serious
  • Main Ability: Lightning Blade (Pedang Petir)
  • First Appearance: BoBoiBoy Returns!
BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm
Kemunculan BoBoiBoy Halilintar
  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Halilintar
  • Main Ability: Thunder Blade (Pedang Halilintar)
  • First Appearance: Thunderstorm Appears
BoBoiBoy Wind
BoBoiBoy Angin Galaxy
  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Angin
  • Personality: Cheerful, playful
  • Main Ability: Wind Spheres (Bebola Angin)
  • First Appearance: BoBoiBoy Returns!
BoBoiBoy Cyclone
  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Taufan
  • Main Ability: TBA
  • First Appearance: TBA
BoBoiBoy Earth
BoBoiBoy Tanah Galaxy
  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Tanah
  • Personality: Courageous, responsible, protective
  • Main Ability: Earth Punch (Tumbukan Tanah)
  • First Appearance: BoBoiBoy Returns!
BoBoiBoy Quake
  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Gempa
  • Main Ability: TBA
  • First Appearance: TBA
BoBoiBoy Fire
BoBoiBoy Api Galaxy
  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Api
  • Personality: Jokester, excitable, vengeful
  • Main Ability: Flaming Punch (Tumbukan Berapi)
  • First Appearance: The Heated Battle
BoBoiBoy Blaze
  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Blaze
  • Main Ability: TBA
  • First Appearance: TBA
BoBoiBoy Water
Gelora BoBoiBoy Air
  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Air
  • Personality: Relaxed, calm, lazy
  • Main Ability: Wave Surf (Peluncur Ombak)
  • First Appearance: The Surge of BoBoiBoy Water
BoBoiBoy Ice
  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Ais
  • Main Ability: TBA
  • First Appearance: TBA
BoBoiBoy Leaf
BoBoiBoy Leaf opening
  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Daun
  • Personality: Childish, naive
  • Main Ability: Shuriken Leaf (Lontaran Daun)
  • First Appearance: Leaf VS The Pirates
BoBoiBoy Thorn
  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Duri
  • Main Ability: TBA
  • First Appearance: TBA
BoBoiBoy Light
BoBoiBoy Light debut
  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Cahaya
  • Personality: Confident, aggressive
  • Main Ability: Light Shot (Tembakan Cahaya)
  • First Appearance: Fleet Threats
BoBoiBoy Solar
BoBoiBoy Solar bersedia
  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Solar
  • Main Ability: Solar Eclipse Attack (Tembakan Solar Gerhana)
  • First Appearance: Finishing Radiation


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